Type of company with the number of registered companies

Private Limited Company: 4049717
Investment Company with Variable Capital (Securities): 10
Protected Cell Company: 4
European Public Limited-Liability Company (SE): 37
Investment Company with Variable Capital(Umbrella): 80
Old Public Company: 35
Private Unlimited: 139
Scottish Partnership: 301
Investment Company with Variable Capital: 587
Royal Charter Company: 863
Registered Society: 1161
Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation: 3917
Private Unlimited Company: 4279
Public Limited Company: 6490
Other Company Type: 4
Industrial and Provident Society: 9514
Other company type: 12817
Community Interest Company: 15971
Charitable Incorporated Organisation: 17348
PRIV LTD SECT. 30 (Private limited company, section 30 of the Companies Act): 18
PRI/LBG/NSC (Private, Limited by guarantee, no share capital, use of 'Limited' exemption): 41857
Limited Partnership: 51824
Limited Liability Partnership: 52342
PRI/LTD BY GUAR/NSC (Private, limited by guarantee, no share capital): 96835


Company information is kindly provided by Basic Company Data Published by Companies House. Licensed under “Supplied under section 47 and 50 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and Schedule 1 of the Database Regulations (SI 1997/3032)”.

Last update 1 May 2019

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